Dr. Jeff Young

Dr_Jeff_Young.jpgDr. Jeffrey Young graduated from the Colorado State University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. Dr. Young believes his humane ethics come from working as an Animal Control Officer during his university training, where he witnessed abuse and neglect of healthy companion animals. He established Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. (PPP) in 1990 as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and now provides affordable full-service veterinary care. Planned Pethood is well known for low-cost mobile neutering clinics, Native American Reservation work and training of veterinarians from around the world in more efficient surgical technique. Dr. Young has served on numerous Humane Society boards and has advised mobile surgical units all across America. In the year 2000, Dr. Young founded Planned Pethood International which was established to help fund spay/neuter and veterinary training. Training in Europe is accomplished at the state-of-the-art veterinary hospital funded by Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. in Bratislava, Slovakia. Planned Pethood International has financed a full-service veterinary hospital in Merida, Mexico and profits from these clinics are returned to Planned Pethood International for training of veterinarians and construction of new clinics. Dr. Young is most proud of having personally sterilized over 160,000 animals in the last 18 years and trained over a 300 veterinarians from all over the world. He is an outspoken proponent for early age neutering to control companion animal population. Dr. Young is driven by two simple underlying missions “significantly reducing companion animal overpopulation throughout the world” and “thinking globally: acting locally.”

Melody Obuobisa Practice Manager

Melody_Obuobisa.jpgMelody has worked at PPP since 2001. She has three animals, all adopted from Planned Pethood International. Franky is a Lhasa Mix was found running and no owner ever came for him. When she first got him she had to shave him due to his coat being one large mat! George, her old “man-Cat” has a heart issue as a baby but is doing great now. All he needed was love. Patrick – crazy fat boy – is still in his “kitten” stage of being crazy and destroying the house, but he is loved. Melody has three amazing children, Austin, Eddie and Malia and an incredible husband named Theo. Between three animals and three kids, her life is very busy with sports and activities. Melody loves the work she does at PPP and is proud of the difference the clinic makes for people. Melody believes,” Kids should grow up with animals and having an affordable clinic makes that possible.”


Dr. Rachel Nichols

Dr. Nichols started at Planned Pethood Plus in 2012.  Dr. Nichols is extremely nice and loves to crack a joke or two. She went to Arizona State for her undergrad, then on to Colorado State University for her DVM. Dr. Nichols enjoys down hill skiing and hiking.

Dr. Rachel Erickson

Dr. Erickson grew up in Laramie Wyoming and graduated from Colorado State University. Dr. Erickson is proud to be part of the Planned Pethood family, providing affordable veterinary care to the community.Dr. Erickson shares her home with three dogs and one cat.

Dr. Ivan Ivanov

Dr. Ivanov joins Planned Pethood all the way from Bulgaria. Before joining the clinic, Dr. Ivanov worked in private practice from 1998 – 2001, and was a Research Fellow with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 2001 – 2004. A proud husband and father, Dr. Ivanov lives with his wife, twin children and their two dogs, Roshko and Eva.

Dr. Nathalie Grossman

Dr. Grossman has been with Planned Pethood since 2001. She is originally from Germany and enjoys both the ideology and implementation of affordable quality veterinary care. She spends her free time outdoors on the trails, mostly on horseback or with her dogs.

Dr. Asuka Iguchi

Dr. Iguchi joined PPP all the way from Japan, where she got her DVM from Azabu University. She completed her Educational Commission for foreign Veterinary Graduates in 2010. Before working at PPP, Dr. Iguchi worked for various small clinics throughout Japan. She loves snowboarding and skiing, and lives here with her husband, son and cat named Poopa.

Dr. Aris Atakem

Dr. Aris Atakem is from Chad, he came to the U.S. in 2006. He studied in Senegal for his D.V.M., and then he was on to Kansas State for his instructional clinical year to prepare for his board exams. Dr. Aris Atakem is an all around athlete. On the weekends you can find him on the basketball court, yoga studio, or running around the community to keep in shape.

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Janet Hattlestad

Janet has been with PPP since 1994 and has worked as a vet tech since high school. A Certified Veterinary Technician, Janets purpose in life is to care and nurture all animals, as we care for animals in the medical field. Janet works at placing animals in need of homes and has recently begun caring for abandoned wildlife. “We must coexist and care for wildlife. They are our neighbors. We must respect them as well as enjoy them.” Janet lives with her three dogs, Stu, Billy and Kuna (a street dog from Panama), her Hahns Macaw – Mic and her cat – Hanna. Janet’s favorite quote is from Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Cortnae Morris Technician Manager

Cortnae is our Head Veterinary Technician and has worked or PPP since 2004. She holds an Associates of Applied Sciences degree in Animal Technology and has studied zoology and animal nutrition at Metro State College. Before joining PPP, Cortnae worked as a Veterinary Assistant and vet tech at Deer Creek Animal Hospital, she worked as a vet tech for Boulders Natural Animal, and she was a surgery tech at VRCC. She has also managed a natural food pet store. She lives with her dogs Sif, Signe and Jameson and her tortoise, Rump Roast. In her free time she teaches yoga.

Natasha”Tasha” Crabtree

Natasha joined the team at Planned Pethood Plus in 2011. She is originally from California where she started her career of working with animals. She then went on to graduate as a Licensed Veterinary Technician from Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas. After working within small animal practices, she moved to New Jersey for a year to manage an animal hospital. Natasha enjoys canine rehabilitation and massage, as well as small animal dentistry. Natasha volunteers at the Denver Zoo where she enjoys working with the marine mammals.

Her hobbies include: fishing, traveling, and biking. Her and her boyfriend share their home with Peachy Chan, Peanut, Daisy, Spokes (their dogs), and Kitty, and Lil’ Pew (their cats).

Anne Cordova

Anne Cordova graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 1993. She has worked in low-cost spay/neuter clinics throughout her career and has worked at PPP for 12 Years. Anne is an an army veteran and served her country from 1998-1996. She has 1 daughter and a grand daughter. In her free time Anne enjoys watching movies, hiking with her boxer mix “Lucy, photography, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. Besides her dog “Lucy”, Anne also has 3 cats.

Certified Veterinary Assistants

Shelly Hulen

Shelly is currently a veterinary assistant at PPP and is currently working toward her certification as a veterinary technician. In 1994 she began working with animals but chose another career path; however, she has found herself working with animals again! Shelly has an unconditional love for animals and she says that she is lucky enough to say that she truly enjoys her job! She has a wonderful daughter and six pups that provide her with a life full of excitement! Shelly welcomes you to PPP and is looking forward to meeting you and your beloved companion animals!

Chrissy Garcia

Chrissy is a Colorado native. Before working with PPP, Chrissy worked with the Arvada West Veterinary Clinic. She joined PPP in 2007. She enjoys spending time with her family, including Peaches, her cat, and Lexa, her Golden Retriever.

Hector Martinez

Hector began working with PPP in May of 2001. Prior to working with our clinic, Hector was a volunteer for our non-profit organization. He lives with beautiful wife and daughter Dafni and his Chihuahua, Noodle.

Customer Service Representatives

Angela Bryan

Not only does Angela work at Planned Pethood but she has personally fostered over 1,000 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. Before joining us, Angela worked 7 years at Table Mountain Animal Center. “Working at the shelter was by far the most eye-opening , rewarding and difficult job experience.” Angela enjoys hiking, horses, animal welfare, gardening, camping, playing with her dogs, and fostering cats and dogs. She lives with her two dogs, Sprout & Elsie, her cats, Atticus, Bud, Morgan, and Meeps, and her rotating door of foster animals.

D’Ann Evans

D’Ann has been working with Dr. Young since 2001. A Colorado native, D’Ann attended both the University of Colorado in Boulder and UNC. An animal lover since she was young, D’Ann lives with two cats, Joey and Finnegan, and two dogs, Sister Bear and Nathan. She believes, “living with animals benefits us in countless ways and should not be prohibited by financial restraints”. D’Ann believes education, affordable care, and effective spay & neutering are the answers for providing a good life for companion animals worldwide.

Dyani Moreno

Dyani joined PPP in 2010. While not manning the busy counter at the clinic, she enjoys fast pitch softball, four-wheeling and staying at home watching movies with her husband Levi, their two boys Emmanuel and Esyah, and her Doberman Pinscher, Chevy. Dyani is also a foster for some of our wonder animals looking for a home.

Theo O.

Theo joined our team in 2012, he loves working with people as well as working with their pets. Theo is a dedicated father to his three children. Theo really adds character and laughter to our front office, he is a joy to have around.

Kennel Staff

Martha Martinez

Martha has worked at Planned Pethood Plus since 2008. She enjoys time with her family and friends. When she is not at the clinic she enjoys running and being out doors.

Maria Lazo

Maria has been at Planned Pethood Plus since 2012. She lives with her husband, her 5 kids and 3 dogs. She is very passionate about animals and has a great heart.


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